reCollections of a Jamfactory

Stoneware Tableware Design,John Ullinger, AustraliaJamfactory circa 2000 






The Jamfactory Craft and Design Centre, Adelaide,  Australia is celebrating  its 40th anniversary this year. An exhibition curated by Margot Osborne in Gallery 2 at the Jamfactory entitled reCollections contains some of my work. This work was made during my second tenancy at the Jamfactory 1999- 2002 . reCollections is an exhibition of works from private collections and a sharing of the story from the owner of their relationship with the piece. Adelaide Arts writers Margot Osborne and Lance Campbell both contributed pieces of my work. Margots contribution was some pieces of the tableware design shown. Lances piece was a small bowl of mine in which Lance had placed a cherished cricket ball many years ago and they have stayed together ever since, a kind of testament to Lances and my love of sports and arts.

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